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Inconvenient Desires: Presentation at the Minding Animals Conference by Peter Sandøe - 10.07.2012



The Minding Animals Conference 2012 took place at Utrecht University in the Netherlands from 4th to 6th of July. 

The conference was the second in a series of conferences about scientific, ethical and social issues related to human interactions with animals.

The aim of the conference was to bring together academics from different areas (animal welfare, animal ethics, and animal studies in general) with politicians and a broad variety of interest groups. The conference offered a platform for exchange of information about research developments, debates about controversial political and ethical issues concerning the treatment of animals, and a variety of cultural activities around animals.


Peter Sandøe gave a presentation about the controversial issue of routine neutering, which was based on the following publication (in press):


Inconvenient Desires — Should We Routinely Neuter Companion Animals?

By Clare Palmer, Sandra Corr and Peter Sandøe
Anthrozoös, Volume 25 Supplement, in press. 

You can find Peter Sandøe's presentation here:


Inconvenient Desires (PowerPoint) 


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